About us

We are making a major change in the dressing world!  We have bottled the first of its kind cilantro lime dressing that has recreated the way we use and think of dressing.  We strive to use only the freshest, healthy ingredients from our local farmers, keeping our products gluten and lactose free.  Our goal is improve the dressing market by introducing freshness in a bottle with diverse uses and fair marginal pricing. This simple concept to improve the market and help others have evolved into an array of products that taste great and doesn't hurt your tummy!


Meet The Creator | Imane 'Mannie' Dotson

Mannie created cilantro lime dressing for her husband and friends that could not digest regular dressings with dairy and gluten. She began to mix different ingredients that would not harm the stomach and also helped with natural cleansing, and what she created is a masterpiece!


Ryan, husband to the creator, pushed and encouraged his wife to share her creation with the world. Ryan being from a music producing background came up with the name Cut To The Taste. He told his wife, this not only helps his stomach,  but it definitely hits the taste buds just right!