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Three Colossal Misconceptions about Salads

Imane Ryan

With summer quickly approaching many of us are concerned with two things: how can I eat to my heart’s content and still keep moving towards that hot summer bod? The answer is easier than you think. Eat a salad! Not what you expected, or perhaps, not exactly what you had in mind? Our mission is to show you how salads are misunderstood. Let’s clear the air by addressing three common misconceptions about salads.


1. Salads won’t fill me up

            When the average individual thinks of a salad, they picture the small dinner plate covered with undesirous green leaves that look like they grew out of the cracks in the sidewalk. And the only thing worse than consuming the salad is the thought that you’ll still be hungry afterward. This is not the case. Although many salads consist of leafy greens, there are just as many that are packed with meat, poultry, legumes and tons of colorful vegetables, all of which are healthy, filling and wonderfully tasteful. In many cases you don’t eat as much because the fibrous ingredients take up more space in your stomach, not to mention the fact that such a healthy meal will leave you energized rather than lethargic.


2. Salads are only healthy without dressing

                We know what you’re thinking—the only salads you ever truly enjoyed are smothered in a dressing that is full of oils and preservatives. Of course those can be quite enjoyable, but your waistline will pay dearly. What we’ve found is that almost just as important as what goes in the salad is what goes on it. They key to a great salad recipe is to get a dressing with a robust flavor made with organic ingredients of which you can use a little or a lot, and your conscience can rest easy. A perfect example of this type of salad dressing is cilantro lime because it is a tasty combination of flavors, is low-fat and gluten free and is easy on the stomach. 

    3. Men don’t eat salads

      Research has proven that when people think of “man food,” they basically think of steak, steak, more steak . . . and burgers. But science also tells us that men who eat salads smell more attractive. You can find that info here and here. When salads are properly packed with protein and fiber, they give a man all he needs to be manly. And what is more manly that looking fit and sexy for your significant other? Not to mention rocket (a common leafy green used in salads) is a natural aphrodisiac. Samuel L. Jackson, Peter Dinklage, Toby McGuire, Joaquin Phoenix and many other celebrities have chosen to incorporate more vegetables in their diet, and much of that is done through healthy salad recipes.
      These are just a few examples of how salads get such a bad rap. The world has been unfair to the leafy green dish, but now that you’ve become more open-minded, let us help you begin your salad journey. Start with these delicious Cut to the Taste salad dressings:

      Cilantro Lime

      • Jalapeño Cilantro Lime
      • Chipotle Cilantro Lime
      • Bacon Cilantro Lime.

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